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Element-System sets sights on North American residential market

Tuesday, June 17th 2008 12:26:02pm

German storage solution company sets sights on North American residential market

Element-System seeks Canadian and US dealers

(Dallas, Texas, June 17, 2008) Element-System of Germany, a manufacturer with a half century long legacy of  producing commercial display and storage systems for the retail fixturing segment, is expanding its reach into the home storage sector in both Canada and the United States (US).

Guenter Steudle, Managing Director of Element-System, observed, “The Element-System closet and home storage line includes the top ranked products in western Asia and Europe. Our factory in Rottenacker, Germany incorporates production processes which optimize material, energy and water conservation.  We have been producing top quality storage and display systems for over 50 years and are excited about the opportunities in North America.”

The Canadian and American expansion is managed by Texas-based Modern Living Products, the exclusive Element-System agents for the Americas since 2007. Over 30 Element-System dealers have been chosen and products are on sale across the US and Canada.

The following US and Canadian testimonials illustrate early successes and the product line’s enormous potential:

“Adding Element-System to my current line of high-end, built-in systems allows me the potential to creatively design every storage space for a customer, not just one or two spaces as we did in the past.”
- Richard Pennington, Modern Spaces, San Francisco, CA

“Using my on-hand inventory and the just-in-time delivery, customers can have their projects completed at their convenience, rather than at the timing of the production shop.”
- Barb LaRocque, SpaceSolutions, Toronto, Canada.

Prospective dealers will benefit from a combination of product attributes and dealer support:

• Fifty years of German award winning engineering experience (superior European manufacturing standards of quality and environmental responsibility)
• The most comprehensive component range in the home storage  market
• Warehousing of landed product in Canada and the US for just-in-time delivery
• Marketing support including brochures, co-op advertising programs, point-of-sale displays and media relations support
• Extensive support and management experience in the North American market
•       A 10 year product warranty
• A non-compete guarantee that Element-System will not sell direct to North American consumers
• Guaranteed territories and sales areas

With distribution, training, support and marketing infrastructure in place, Element-System is now accepting applications from dealers who are ready to increase their product offerings and join Element-System’s North America-wide retail distribution network.

For more information, contact:

Heather McMillen


Element-System, a division of the Rudolph Bohnacker Group in Rottenacker, Germany, has been a market leader in Germany, Europe and Asia for over 50 years in the field of high-quality retail fixtures, pharmacy equipment, and steel shelving systems, including hang-track systems, brackets, consoles and furniture legs for private, commercial and office applications.

Environmental Standards

The same commitment to design and quality that goes into the product is reflected in the manufacturing processes.  Environmental responsibility and stewardship are evident throughout the manufacturing facility.  While exceeding the rigorous German environmental standards, we have incorporated enhancements such as a wastewater treatment process that returns water to the Danube River cleaner than when it entered the plant and an extensive resource recycling program.  As well, energy conservation techniques ensure waste heat from manufacturing equipment is captured and used to reduce space heating costs, resulting in a reduction of overall energy use and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.  And the most significant feature is that all of our steel components are meant to be used for a lifetime and are completely recyclable.

Product Overview

All products are of superior quality, using raw materials and processes renowned in Europe as extraordinary. Our true silver finishes will not mar during transportation.  All shelves, brackets, uprights and rails are completely interchangeable with other manufacturers’ systems.

• Featured in white and silver with black and brown available
• For use with ventilated, solid metal and wood shelves
• Solid drawers, cabinets and shelves
• Upright mounted sliding storage baskets
• Available in double or single slot systems
• Available in several profile edges for a wide variety of uses
• Uprights can be suspended from a horizontal track or directly wall-mounted
• Uprights come with a rounded connection point at one end to match Element-System’s horizontal track with rounded lip and an angled notch at the bottom to work with other manufacturer’s horizontal tracks

Garage and utility space organizers

• Hooks and shelving works with or without upright systems
• Unique perforated panel with smart accessories
• For use with ventilated, solid metal and wood shelves

Wall brackets, wood, metal and glass shelves

• Featured in the most popular home décor colors
• Available in numerous profiles, sizes and materials
• Stylish designs suited for urban dwelling, suburban styles and recreational properties

New and Innovative E-System

• Slot-less vertical upright allowing infinitely variable shelving heights
• Featured in white and silver
• For use with glass, solid metal and wood shelves
• Available with or without LED lights and covers

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Up Marketing