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Is Organic making a difference?

Monday, December 17th 2007 10:42:52am

Food with a Vision: Visionary Farmers, Visionary Consumers

Join Canadian Organic Growers as they explore how organics is making a difference. Who is making this vision real? What is your role? Hear farmers, researchers, local food security advocates and community organizations discuss the state of Canada's food system and share a positive vision for the future.

Opening Keynote Address:  

“A Visionary County” Helge Hellberg, Marin Organic

Marin County (California) is well on the way to being the first all organic county in North America. The success of creating a community based on the economic and environmental sustainability of local organic production is attracting international interest and winning awards. In Marin County local organic food production feeds and supports not only the local infrastructure directly connected to farming, but sustains the overall health and wealth of the county.  Every dollar spent in the community circulates an average of seven times before leaving that community.

The full agenda, speakers list and details of the three conference theme tracks can be found at:

WHERE: 89 Chestnut St., near University Ave. and
              Dundas St. W. Toronto (see map)

WHEN: Saturday, February 16, 2008, 9 AM to 5 PM

For more information, contact:

Tanmayo Krupanszky, 416-466-4420,

Jonathan Laderoute, e|c|o, 416-972-7401, laderoutej(a)

This conference is organized by the Toronto Chapter of the Canadian Organic Growers (COG), a national charitable organization (13014 0494 RR0001). COG is Canada’s national membership-based education and networking organization representing farmers, gardeners and consumers in all provinces.  COG promotes sustainable, organic stewardship of the land, and organic food and fiber.  For more information, visit