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Interview Opportunity - Toronto Fashion Week: Eco-apparel and sustainable fashion

Tuesday, October 23rd 2007 4:01:03pm

Attention Fashion Week and Lifestyle Editor/Reporter

Interview Opportunity - Toronto Fashion Week:
Eco-apparel and sustainable fashion

(Toronto, October 24, 2007)  Green product and branding expert Ellen Karp is available for interviews to talk about eco-apparel and sustainable fashion.

Ms Karp is the principal and founder of Anerca:

• For many years she has worked closely with brands like Hanes, Victoria’s Secret, Wonder Bra and L’Oreal.
• She is widely recognized for the creation of blockbuster consumer campaigns and concepts such as Past/Present/Future for DeBeers and the development of Airplus for Her line of foot care products.
• She draws on her past as market researcher, anthropologist and “truth whisperer” to predict future consumer trends, specifically targeting the LOHAS consumer. LOHAS – Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability – is a rapidly growing consumer group that is uniquely defined by how it wants to impact the future.

Ms Karp can address the following:

• “Eco-this” and “eco-that”: is eco-consumerism a fad, a trend or a shift in the paradigm?
• I eat it, I clean with it … now do I have to wear it too? A Primer on Eco-Apparel and Sustainable Fashion
• What every brand manager, designer, CEO and Prime Minister needs to know about LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) in North America

To arrange an interview, or for more information, contact:

Environmental Communication Options, 416-972-7401

Ellen Karp, 416-921-4513, cell 647-403-4513