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Rate your conservation efforts with "I Conserve!" challenge cards

Thursday, August 9th 2007 10:58:05am

Conservation Council of Ontario distributes cards through The Beer Store's 441 retail stores across Ontario

(Toronto, Ontario, August 9, 2007)  By 2009, the Conservation Council of Ontario wants everyone in Ontario to say "I conserve."  

The goal is not to become perfect overnight, just better.

To make it easy, The Council has developed a simple 10-point self assessment card people can use to rate their conservation efforts and set a personal or family target (see attached).

This August, "I Conserve" challenge cards are being distributed through The Beer Store's 441 retail stores across Ontario.  Throughout 2008, the cards will be distributed by partner groups and municipalities in the We Conserve campaign (www.weconserve.ca).

"There's room for everyone to improve," says Winter, who scores his own family's efforts at 85 out of 100, not quite his target score of 89.  "We're doing pretty well, but we're still getting better over time and investing more in conservation.

"Conservation is not about sacrifice", says Winter, "it's about making choices that are environmentally-sound, healthier, and make you feel good.  It's about finding ways to spend less time stuck in traffic, to lower your energy bills, generate your own power, to eat local and organic food, and so much more."

Winter points to the tremendous wealth of organizations and companies that can help people become better conservers.  "Twenty years ago, if you wanted to eat organic food, install a solar panel, or car-share, you had to do it all yourself.  Now, there are all kinds of services and products that make it easier to become a better conserver."

In a sea of environmental programs, the Conservation Council is unique in that it is building a united conservation movement to link personal commitment with economic and social development.

"I Conserve" is closely linked to "We Conserve", a five year campaign to promote a conservation movement in Ontario. This Fall, The Council will work with retail associations to promote a retail commitment to conservation in time for the Christmas rush.  "We want to have stores as our allies in promoting green giving this Christmas," says Winter.


CONTACT:  Chris Winter, Executive Director, 416-533-1635 ext 1, cell: 647-393-5000

Artwork for I Conserve can be downloaded from www.weconserve.ca and may be reproduced with credit.

The Conservation Council of Ontario is a provincial association of organizations and conservation leaders working to facilitate the transition to a conserver society and a conserver economy in Ontario.  Visit www.weconserve.ca for more information.  The Beer Store is a long-term supporter and partner in We Conserve.