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Locally produced RiverSafe RainBarrels boost Chesapeake Bay stormwater programs

Thursday, September 29th 2011 2:43:49pm

Media Release

(September 29, 2011) RiverSides ( www.riversides.org), the urban stormwater social marketing and residential rain harvesting company, has started production of 750 RiverSafe RainBarrels at the Ellicott City, Maryland facilities of CR Daniels, for the District of Colombia's RiverSmart Homes program.

The District of Columbia's Department of Environment initially selected the innovative RiverSafe RainBarrel as its preferred residential cistern design in 2006.

Steve Saari, Watershed Protection Specialist for the D.C. Department of the Environment, commented, "These are top of the line barrels that capture two times the amount of roof runoff of a normal rain barrel. They are very well engineered - being more mosquito-proof and easier to maintain than conventional barrels. I've looked at a lot of rain barrels, and I have yet to see a better one."

"Every RiverSafe RainBarrel contributes significantly to the beneficial improvement of rivers flowing to Chesapeake Bay, one of America's natural resources jewels," said Peter Ensign, Executive Director of DC Greenworks and RiverSides partner.

Marcus Ginder, Chair of RiverSides RainBarrel Group, congratulated the team lead by Managing Director, Kevin Mercer, on expanding into Maryland. "Years of field-testing with our exceptional partners in the District Department of Environment and DC Greenworks have proven the RiverSafe RainBarrel is the must-have brand of rain barrel for Chesapeake Bay's protection," says Ginder.

Another substantial RiverSides RainBarrel purchaser is Greenbelt Cooperative Homes in the national heritage community of Greenbelt, Maryland. "With this move to Maryland" said Ginder, "RiverSides RainBarrels will have greater capacity to serve Chesapeake Bay protection organizations and municipalities with effective solutions to the stormwater problems plaguing old sewer systems."

RiverSides is anticipating this move will enhance its ability to develop partnerships to protect urban rivers with local success stories such as the Elizabeth River Project's River Star Homes program serving the Virginia towns of Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach.

"Protecting Chesapeake Bay begins where the rain falls; one home, one yard at a time," says Mercer. Every RiverSides RainBarrel is your contribution to protecting one of America's national treasures."

RiverSides, founded in Toronto, Canada in 1995, revolutionized urban stormwater program design with its award-winning 5 Things You Can Do For Your River residential social marketing program anchored by its innovative RiverSafe RainBarrel. RiverSides designs smart residential stormwater programs supplied with RiverSafe RainBarrels for passionate watershed protection organizations and municipalities throughout the Chesapeake Bay region and across America.

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For more information on RiverSides, and the RiverSafe RainBarrel, contact:

Marcus Ginder, Chair, RainBarrel Group, RiverSides
(416) 868-1983, or email at


Kevin Mercer, Managing Director, RiverSides
(416) 995-7374, or email at kmercer@riversides.org

RiverSides is an environmental company dedicated to creating RiverSafe communities. We protect rivers by reducing runoff pollution from individual properties through education and providing the tools people need to make the connection between personal action and healthy waters. www.riversides.org