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GreenSaver shocked by sudden cancellation of ecoEnergy Retrofit – Homes program

Wednesday, March 31st 2010 6:21:05pm

Media Release
GreenSaver shocked by sudden cancellation of ecoEnergy Retrofit – Homes program

(Toronto, Ontario March 31, 2010) GreenSaver, a not-for-profit energy efficiency organization, is surprised that the Federal government has unexpectedly halted the ecoEnergy program funding. The initiative, scheduled to end on March 31, 2011, has announced they will stop receiving application immediately, one year earlier than anticipated.

“We are shocked to hear the news and hope that the Federal government will reconsider”, said Vladan Veljovic, President and CEO of GreenSaver. “The program is very effective and has helped Canadian and Ontario homeowners save energy and money while creating thousands of green jobs. GreenSaver alone has created over 100 green jobs across Ontario.”

The Provincial government, which has been matching the Federal government’s investment in the program, has not yet made comment whether they too will discontinue their funding.

“We hope that the Province will continue their investment in the program,” says Vladan, “At this point, homeowners can still save up to $5000 in government grants and we are dedicated to helping them do so.”    

GreenSaver has just recently opened a London office to expand its operations to better serve southwest Ontario. Mr. Veljovic continued to say, “Our London office has hired and trained 20 staff as Certified Energy Advisors and supporting roles. We are well positioned to take new applications and complete energy audits. GreenSaver is surprised with this news, but will continue in our commitment to helping homeowners save the most money through the program and the most energy.”

An energy efficient home not only helps homeowners save money and energy, but also helps improve the comfort of their homes and contributes to protecting the environment.


For further information, please contact:
Allison Wallis, GreenSaver
1-888-855-3106 ext. 234 OR allison.wallis(at) greensaver.org

GreenSaver is an independent non-profit corporation dedicated to environmental energy efficiency through ecoENERGY assessments, insulation solutions, new technologies like solar and province-wide energy program management. They have pioneered Ontario residential energy conservation for 25 years with economically viable and environmentally friendly measures to help individuals and organizations with their energy need (www.greensaver.org).