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Summer Camp Opportunities for your children at Camp Manitou on the Bay of Islands!

Friday, March 12th 2010 1:04:04pm

Summer Camp Opportunities for your children at Camp Manitou on the Bay of Islands!

Looking for affordable summer camp opportunities for your children? Consider Camp Manitou on the Bay of Islands!

(Whitefish Falls, Ontario, March 9, 2010) Camp Manitou has provided summertime memories for children since the 1920's.  It is a traditional summer camp located south west of Sudbury, run by the Anglican Church.

Camp Manitou is a non profit venture and fees are a reasonable and all inclusive at $240.00 per week.  Fees are kept affordable to ensure everyone can enjoy a Canadian summer tradition.

The Camp Manitou has evening camp fires, a wide range of healthy outdoor activities - hiking, canoeing, kayaking, volleyball and basketball - and good food in a spectacular setting on the North Channel in the LaCloche Mountains.

Boys Camps

June 26 – July 3 Pathfinders (boys 8-11)
July 3 – 10         Highlanders (boys 12+)

Girls Camps

July 10 - 17 Trail Seekers (girls 8-11)
July 17 - 24 Prospectors (girls 12+)

A detailed brochure and photos can be found at

Camp Manitou
is located 8 miles west of Whitefish Falls. The La Cloche Mountains provide a wonderful backdrop for the camp, which fronts on the North Channel of Lake Huron. The setting is rustic yet majestic.  Leaders and youth have been sharing summer camping experiences here for 50 years!