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TDSB Taking Action to Go Green

Tuesday, February 16th 2010 4:16:28pm


TDSB Taking Action to Go Green

Toronto, ON, Tuesday, February 16, 2010 – The TDSB is taking action on an ambitious and comprehensive environmental strategy that will build a sustainable future not just for our schools, but for our city.

Go Green: Climate Change Action Plan
, approved by Trustees at the February Board meeting, is a comprehensive and actionable plan that will allow quick start projects in our school communities while planning for a sustainable – both environmentally and fiscally – future.

“The TDSB faces a number of challenges, including aging infrastructure and declining enrolments, but we also collectively face an even greater challenge in climate change,” said Director of Education Chris Spence. “The Go Green plan builds on the tremendous environmental efforts we’ve made over the last decade, and takes a significant step forward to bring our schools and departments together to tackle this challenge from a uniquely educational perspective.”

Go Green is closely aligned with TDSB Vision of Hope and fulfills the Board’s three priorities of student achievement, parent and community engagement and financial stability.

Key actions of the Go Green plan include:

• Developing a strategic energy plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2020, beating national average targets
• Designing and installing solar photovoltaic systems on 20 schools per year
• Collaborating with the City of Toronto to develop a community energy plan
• Developing school grounds as community energy hubs and food and market gardens
• Switching all schools and offices to once-a-week garbage pick up
• Establishing a Community Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability

To help deliver on this commitment, we have realigned our resources to better focus on our priority areas. An important example of this is Sheila Penny’s new role as Director of Strategic Building and Renewal.

“I’m excited about this new role which encompasses both building and renewing, and the TDSB’s sustainability depends on both,” says Penny, an award-winning architect who, in her previous position as Director of Facility Services, was a driving force behind Better Schools Brighter Futures. “The TDSB is already an environmental leader but this deepened commitment sets out a framework to not only take action now, but to make an investment in long-range planning through the strategic investment of resources.”

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For more information, please contact:

Lindsay Satterthwaite, Communications and Public Affairs